TR-Log for NS

Fortunately, TR-Log can be configured for NS. It correctly logs, and scores, both multipliers per-band as well as legal dupes (when allowed) and provides for the additional five mults to the NA Sprint mults. Start with TR-Log configured as you like it for the NCJ NA Sprint. Then ...

1. Edit NAQP.DOM to add the Washington D.C. mult:

Add the following line before the DE line:
Dc = DC

Rename this modified NAQP.DOM file to something like NAQP-NS.DOM to distinguish it from the regular NAQP.DOM file.

2. Edit the cty.dat file:

a. Change the continent from SA to NA for 9Y, P4 and PJ2
b. Append the text from MULTS.NA at the end (This provides for only the NA country mults to be shown when an Alt-G is pressed to toggle between domestic and country mults.)

Store this modified cty.dat in the directory where your NS log.dat file resides and set the path to that directory before executing TR.EXE. Then, TR-Log will use this special cty.dat instead of the normal one.

3. Edit the following statements in your LOGCFG.DAT file:

CONTEST = INTERNET SPRINT (if dupes are allowed per band)
CONTEST NAME = SPRINT (if dupes are not allowed per band)
CONTEST NAME = NCCC SPRINT (corrects the contest name in the display and on the log pages)
ADD DOMESTIC COUNTRY = KH6 (makes KH6 a domestic mult)
DOMESTIC FILENAME = NAQP-NS.DOM (adds KH6 and DC as multipliers)
DOMESTIC MULTIPLIER = DOMESTIC FILE (uses NAQP + DC domestic multipliers)
MULT BY BAND = TRUE (credits band-multipliers)

If a parameter (the first part of a statement prior to the =) on this list is not in your LOGCFG.DAT file, then add the statement. If a parameter is in your LOGCFG.DAT file, then change the second part of the statement (after the =) to match the statement above.


  • The first configuration statement above (CONTEST = INTERNET SPRINT or CONTEST = SPRINT) must be prior to the other five edited statements in your LOGCFG.DAT file. Otherwise, it will override them. Instead, you want the second - eighth statements to override those parameters set by the first statement.

  • Dupe checking is turned off all together for the INTERNET SPRINT mode. Thus, the program does not check for one (or, more) intervening QSO between legal dupes on the same band as specified in the NS rules. This is one detail that the operator has to keep track of by watching the last few recent QSOs in the visible log.

  • The SUMMARY.DAT file from the POST/REPORTS/SUMMARY operation (if desired) will need some minor editing:
    • Change the title from 'Internet Sprint' to 'NCCC Sprint'.
    • Add a 'Mults' column to the right-hand side of the table and enter the band multipliers and total multipliers from the similar table at the top of the logging screen.
    • Edit the Score with the Score shown at the top of the logging screen.
  • To create a proper Cabrillo log, temporarily edit the CONTEST = SPRINT, run POST and create LOG.CBR, then edit CONTEST = INTERNET SPRINT back again. This will insert your sent serial number into the Cabrillo log rather than the NAME received in the prior QSO.

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    Please send comments or additional information on using TR-Log in NS to N6ZFO.

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